Chris Pratt Channeled Andy Dwyer From ‘Parks And Recreation’ To Sing ‘Everything Is Awesome’

Parks and Recreation is awesome. The Lonely Island with Tegan and Sara is awesome. Everything, including The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (which comes out this weekend), is awesome. But the MOST awesome is Chris Pratt covering “Everything is Awesome” from the first Lego Movie as Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation. Yes, that’s the same Andy Dwyer who fronted Mouse Rat, formerly Department of Homeland Obscurity, Nothing Rhymes With Orange, Everything Rhymes With Orange, Puppy Pendulum, Possum Pendulum, Penis Pendulum, Handrail Suicide, and Just the Tip (among others).

While promoting The Second Part on The Graham Norton Show, Pratt busted out his acoustic guitar and sang “Everything is Awesome” while sounding like Andy Dwyer impersonating Dave Matthews impersonating Tom Waits. Or as the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom star put it, “Really terrible frat boy rock music.”

Let us never forget the time Andy recapped Sudden Death through song.

Earlier in the week, Pratt also admitted that, yup, Star-Lord is the worst. “I think it’s totally true, and I personally feel the same as everyone else about Star-Lord,” he said about his Avengers: Infinity War character letting his emotions get in the way of stopping Thanos from, y’know, murdering half the universe. “But I know things, okay? And I feel like audiences are gonna be blown away when this next film comes out.” So, what he’s saying is, everything will be awesome?