Chris Pratt Shows Off His Impressive Magic Skills With A Semi-Failed Card Trick

During the European leg of their press tour for Passengers, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence stopped by The Graham Norton Show, where they were joined on the red couch by and Jamie Oliver. Somewhere Norton had heard that Pratt was a magician, and as such he was prepared with a deck of cards so the former Parks and Recreation star could show off his mastery of “the dark arts” to viewers watching at home.

Pratt admitted that he knew a few tricks, but made sure to add a disclaimer that he might screw it up and that the card trick in particular he intended to perform called “Burn ’em” only worked about 50 percent of the time — once again blurring the line between Chris Pratt and Andy Dwyer. As with your standard card trick, the trick involved picking a card, and Pratt having to figure out what his card was.

Things went awry as soon as shuffled the cards, as Pratt told the rapper, “Awww, you might have screwed it up for me, but that’s okay,” to which Lawrence responded, “What all great magicians say.” But somehow, after several failed attempts at picking’s card, Pratt managed to find the right one in a way that looks like it was supposed to be the trick all along? I am legitimately not sure what we watched, here.

In another part of the show, Pratt told a charming anecdote from his days as a struggling actor, when he worked part time as a waiter and would literally eat leftover food off of customers plates to get by. Let he who has never consumed a partially eaten porterhouse steak cast the first stone.