Chris Rock Says He Relishes Playing A ‘Grown-Ass Man’ In ‘Fargo’ Instead Of A ‘Man-Boy’

When it comes to pandemic delays, Fargo got off relatively easy. The fourth season was originally set to premiere in April, but following a production shutdown, it was put on the shelf until September, which is not that bad in the grand scheme of things. With new episodes just around the corner, comedian Chris Rock couldn’t be happier because, finally, the world will get to see him play gangster Loy Cannon.

While sitting down for a virtual panel ahead of the fourth season, the 55-year-old Rock expressed his enthusiasm for tackling a role that’s very different from what he’s usually offered: Someone his own age. “It’s like I kind of got really famous at 35 or whatever, 37, and everything that’s offered to me is kind of like a man-boy, so it was great to actually play a grown-ass man,” Rock said.

The former Saturday Night Live alum also elaborated how he based the role on his own grandfather and co-star Glynn Turman. Via TV Guide:

Black men of an older generation who carried themselves with dignity in defiance of the racism they faced. “I’m born February 7th, 1965, in Georgetown, South Carolina,” Rock said. “The odds that I was not in a segregated wing of a hospital are slim. Me. It’s not that long ago. I was born in South Carolina. My mother was born in South Carolina and my father was born in South Carolina, so I know Loy Cannon very well.”

This isn’t the first time Rock has expressed his appreciation for landing the Fargo role. Back in March, he told Entertainment Weekly that this is “the best part I’ve ever done and, honestly, probably the best part I’ll ever have.” Rock even likened the role to Morgan Freeman starring in The Shawshank Redemption. “He’s amazing. He’s made a kazillion dollars since then. He never got a part that good again.”

Fargo season four premieres September 27 on FX and the next day on FX on Hulu.

(Via TV Guide)