Christoph Waltz And Jimmy Kimmel Show Off Their ‘Siegfried & Roy’ Biopic Audition

Where would we be without Siegfried & Roy? Decades behind in lion and tiger based showmanship, for a start. The duo’s flamboyant German sorcery will be the subject of an upcoming biopic and, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, we’ve gotten a glimpse of an audition for the film.

During Christoph Waltz‘s appearance on last night’s Kimmel, it was “revealed” that Waltz and Kimmel auditioned to play the famous magicians. Did Kimmel throw to video of this yuk-em-up? You bet your Father of the Pride commemorative plates, he did! Decked out in their finest Siegfried & Roy regalia (complete with marvellous wigs!) the two just can’t seem to get along as the Vegas icons. Waltz and Kimmel hilariously bicker over accents, who gets to be Roy and there’s a rendition of Nena’s immortal “99 Luftballons” snuck into the proceedings. Come for the audition, stay for Waltz’s facial acting and consider making Kimmel’s anguished scream your new alarm clock option.

As is customary with these sorts of things, we have a clip of this great Jimmy Kimmel Live! chunklet nestled at the top of the screen. Let this serve as another reminder that you’re in safe hands when Christoph Waltz pops up on ABC’s late night talk show.