Colbert Opened Up A Cooler Full Of Rage On Vladimir Putin Last Night

09.13.13 4 years ago 25 Comments

As you may have heard, Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote an every-so-slightly controversial op-ed piece for the New York Times yesterday imploring Americans to use caution with regards to Syria and criticizing President Obama for calling our country “exceptional.”

As you can probably imagine these passive aggressive actions from the world’s foremost “shirt allergy survivor” did not go unnoticed by true patriot Stephen Colbert. He was so enraged, in fact, he had to bottle up his anger in a cooler at the beginning of last night’s episode and then unleash it during the back end of The Colbert Report.

I like to think of this as America’s official response. Especially from the 1:55 mark on…

Colbert’s Putin impersonation > All other Putin impersonations.

And here’s the opening segment where Colbert puts said rage in a cooler after discovering Drudge Report and Putin have been rummaging his Facebook page for photoshop-able material.

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