‘Community’ GIFs? ‘Community’ GIFs

11.12.10 25 Comments

Last night’s “Community” was excellent. Instead of another pop-culture reference heavy episode, it dealt with the various interpersonal relationships within the group (both individually and as a whole) while they were locked in the study room as they tried to figure out who had taken Annie’s pen. Very strong.

But I get that some of you get tired of Matt and I harping on you about how good the show is. So I’ll just shut up and post a royal buttload of GIFs from the episode, featuring: Annie’s boobs, Annie’s Boobs, other miscellaneous T & A, and the cutest non-Puppy Parade moment of the night. (Note: There are a bunch of them, so it might take a minute to load. Take a deep breath. Oh, and most of them you have to click to animate. Don’t like it? Fight me.)

First, Annie screaming. She’s got some fire, that one:



Everybody jiggling hard “enough to dislodge”:

Abed sneaking a peak. I’m straight up and down like 6 o’clock, and I’d do the same thing. Joel McHale is glorious:


Troy with a HEAVILY wrinkled brain, upon realizing Shirley may be pregnant with Chang’s baby:


Jeff and Annie sharing the cutest damned look I’ve ever seen near the end of the episode:

And, of course, the real culprit in the pen theft, Annie’s Boobs (Troy’s escaped monkey). If you look closely in the first GIF you can actually see him steal the pen:



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