Conan Threw His Producer Jordan Schlansky A Very Awkward ‘Forced’ Bachelor Party

While going through the fun of planning a wedding, one of the fun aspects is planning the bachelor/bachelor party. However, there’s the occasion when the subject doesn’t want a party, and things get kind of weird. In the case of Conan’s associate producer Jordan Schlansky, his boss decided to for the fun. Yet, despite the Jäger on tap, a bachelor party friend, and the requisite stripper, the “situation wasn’t conducive” to a good time.

But the biggest problem I had with all this? Jordan’s suggestion that he uses WAV files for his “uncompressed music.” It’s one thing to be an audiophile, but dealing with WAV files instead of FLAC? C’mon, man. Loosen up a little.

(Via Team Coco)