Conan Brings Jeff Goldblum’s Classic ‘Jurassic Park’ Meme To Life Just In Time For ‘Jurassic World 2’

The last time Jeff Goldblum stopped by Conan‘s studio, things got predictably weird. Judging by the show host’s latest gag, however, the actor’s next visit — probably to promote his wonderfully ludicrous role in Thor: Ragnarok — will most likely result in yet another odd, endearing meeting between the two. Why? Because O’Brien and his team decided to celebrate Goldblum’s return to the Jurassic Park franchise in the upcoming Jurassic World 2 by tweaking one of the most popular internet memes ever (unintentionally) produced by Steven Spielberg.

“Jeff Goldblum is going to be appearing in the upcoming sequel to Jurassic World. He’ll once again be playing Dr. Ian Malcolm, which the character he originated in the first Jurassic Park movie,” O’Brien said during the monologue. “As everyone knows, his first appearance in Jurassic Park has become such an iconic scene in movie history. Such a cool scene.”

It’s difficult to improve a classic, which the first Jurassic Park irrefutably is, but the writers and editors at Conan came pretty close with their visual gag. I mean, who wouldn’t react like Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Martin Ferrero’s characters do to the sight of a giant, shirtless, heavy-breathing Jeff Goldblum lounging on a beach with a bunch of dinosaurs? No one, that’s who.

Too bad Neill isn’t interested in reprising the the role of Dr. Alan Grant. Otherwise, one of the internet’s biggest meme dreams could finally come true.