Conan And Nick Offerman’s Emails To Each Other Are ‘Passionately’ Nerdy

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05.27.15 3 Comments
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Nick Offerman, who was rapping on Late Night with Conan O’Brien long before Parks and Recreation came along, has kept up correspondence with the redheaded host. He’s a regular fixture on Conan, and the two regularly send messages to each other, from Conan’s Hotmail account, I assume, to the one Offerman and wife Megan Mullally share.

GQ published a typically verbose communication between the two, which begins “dear, tall sir.”

Since my list of swell Americans must necessarily be quite subjective, I can’t help but think of you and your, frankly, carnal dance moves and the sense of humor behind which you proffer a mighty intelligence and gentle compassion. I’ll be honest: I intend to lionize you. To supplement my detailed recollection of your rippling abdominals, glistening with sunscreen in the Seattle half-light, I would love to engage you in an interview. (Via)

That’s Nick to Conan, who responded in part, “On a related topic, we must eat beefsteaks soon at a down-on-its luck Chop House. It has been too long.” Offerman described their relationship as “[talking] to each other like total nerds. Passionately. Unabashedly.”

You should hear them go on and on about Mike vs. Joel. Read more over at GQ.

(Via GQ)

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