Conan O’Brien Is Going To Troll Trump With A Special Episode In Greenland

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There are many flavors of Donald Trump news. Some are stupid. Some are terrifying. And some are straight-up, imaginatively weird. Usually it’s some blend of the three, but one that’s weird (and more than a little stupid) is his recent hankering to buy Greenland for America. The news has earned the president of the United States plenty of razzing, but one person is taking his joke next level: Conan O’Brien is actually going to Greenland for a special episode of his TBS show.

As caught by Entertainment Weekly, the news came on Conan Monday night, when the late night host informed his audience he was heading to the autonomous nation located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. O’Brien said the episode will be part of his travel-themed “Conan Without Borders” specials. He also said Trump’s idea isn’t a bad one.

“As the elder statesman of late night, what if I negotiated the deal?” O’Brien told the crowd. “Seriously. What if I handled this historic negotiation? Okay, I have as much if not more negotiating experience as Trump… I mean, come on. An 11:00 time slot on TBS. You don’t just get that!”

O’Brien even suggested offering Florida as part of a trade deal. “Trust me, this is our best state,” he said. “And please do not Google Florida.”

The host had previously joked about doing this in a tweet on Friday, but now he’s putting his money where his mouth is. You can watch O’Brien maybe broker a deal with the country, or at the very least feast on Greenland’s national dish: suaasat, a soup often made from seal.

(Via EW)