Conan O’Brien Has Revealed How He Came Up With Tom Hanks’ Best ‘SNL’ Sketch

12.05.18 7 months ago

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In addition to talking with Dax Shepard’s Armchair Podcast about his worst guest in 25 years of late night, Conan O’Brien — whose Conan will be shifting formats in January — also spoke at some length about his stints at both The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live before explaining how he got David Letterman’s old gig at Late Night (that story heavily features the presence of Friends‘ Lisa Kudrow, who Conan dated at one time).

Particularly interesting, however, was his work process during his three years at Saturday Night Live. His years at SNL (1987-1991) also happened to coincide with Tom Hanks’ best years as host. Hanks appeared four times during that era, and when he received his five-timers jacket, Conan O’Brien was actually in the monologue, placing the jacket on Hanks.

That’s appropriate, too, because Conan actually came up with two of Tom Hanks’ best and most memorable SNL sketches, “Mr. Short Term Memory” and “Girl Watchers.”

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