Couple Totally Nails This ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Spoof For Their Baby Announcement

I saw this posted a day or two ago and didn’t pay much attention to it what with it being a baby announcement and all, (yawn, am I right?) but just this morning I noticed that this couple’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air spoof is actually called “The Fresh Prince of Phoenixville,” which is totally randomly the town I grew up in. So I gave it a watch, and I have to say, for both a spoof and a baby announcement, it’s pretty solid.

To be fair, Phoenixville to a pretty hip little town these days — a far cry from the place where some dude once tried to sell me cocaine on a street corner when I was a kid — but this looks like it was shot out towards Charlestown, which is a bit more rednecky. Either way, nice work, expectant parents.

And even more randomly, someone uploaded this photo to Imgur earlier this week, because apparently Fresh Prince/Will Smith birth announcements are so in right now: