In Which Craig Ferguson Gives Us Skin Care Tips And Relationship Advice

If you mention Craig Ferguson’s name in group conversation, you’re liable to hear one of three reactions. The first almost always includes a reference to his former gig hosting The Late Late Show on CBS, which James Corden has since taken over. The second, depending on your group’s average age, will include a question that effectively asks, “Wasn’t that the guy from The Drew Carey Show?” As for the third, it will be uttered by the geekiest person in the room, and it will have something to do with that time Ferguson played drums in a punk band with Doctor Who‘s Peter Capaldi. #ItMe

Ferguson is fine with all of these things and more, as we found out when the stand-up comedian graciously took the time to talk to us about his new EPIX comedy special, Just Being Honest, which airs Thursday, Sept. 10 at 10 p.m. EST. The Scottish-American performer geeked out with us discussing the ins and outs of stand-up comedy, as well as the abominations that are shoes shaped like feet and Kenny G’s saxophone solos. He even dispensed skin-care tips and relationship advice in the course of apologizing for having to reschedule a previously scheduled interview due to the fact that he was in the technological black hole that is rural Scotland.

How was Scotland?

Good! Buggy, though. I was there for the last tour, shot the special after, then I went back for two months. Inexplicably, I got worse at golf! It hardly seems fair.

Weird. I’d think you would improve your game when playing in the sport’s place of birth.

You’d think, or at least play it more. Clearly, for me it seems to be a lack of preparation and a complete disregard for the way things are done normally. That’s exactly how I run my professional life, so golf should be no different.

After watching Just Being Honest, I couldn’t get Kenny G’s “Songbird” out of my head.

That’s a true story about him. I mean, all that sh*t is true. That’s why I called the special Just Being Honest. I went to a party and Kenny G was there. It was unbelievable. I’m not saying he was touching anyone inappropriately. I’m just saying that if he wanted to, he could because of the way he moved around.

Are you two friends, or did you just meet him at the party?

Oh no, I can’t claim a friendship with Kenny G. I would if I could, but I can’t.

I suspect after he sees your special, that just might happen.

I don’t know if that’s such a thing that friendships are based on, but maybe. I don’t hate Kenny G, I just don’t care for his music. It’s a tricky spot because now, in the days of the internet … I am capable of not agreeing with someone and not hating them. Which I think makes me a bad candidate for the internet, and perhaps very out of date.

Ever heard of Godwin’s Law?

No, what’s that?

Basically, it’s the idea that as an internet forum discussion or chat grows larger, the likelihood of somebody being compared to Hitler or the Nazis increases.