Puppets, Dancing, And Pop Music: Ranking Craig Ferguson’s Best ‘Late Late Show’ Lip Sync Bits

Uproxx‘s Late Night Week continues its look at late-night past, present, and future with some highlights from one the most unpredictable corners of late night’s recent past.

There is no shortage of praise for the late night shows that use their platform to react to, discuss, and deconstruct heavier things, but total silliness also deserves some affection, especially when it isn’t manufactured with a result in mind beyond making the participants giggle uncontrollably.

In the middle years of Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show run, he and his staff (both human and puppet) assembled on camera and lip synced to a wide array of songs, choreographing dance numbers and dressing up in costume. Looking back, it’s clear that these expressions of silliness were a bit of a forerunner to things like Lip Sync Battle and lip dubs on social media, but at the time it was all about producing a couple of moments of comedy absent any real connection to the night’s show or the latest news. Just a bit of fun. Nothing more to it.

As we close Late Night Week it seemed like a good time (the only time?) to remember these delightfully odd moments from a show that had the ability to be weighty and weightless. You will learn nothing from this completely subjective and poorly considered ranking but hopefully, you’ll have a laugh or two.

“Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”

Puppets! Ferguson moved away from his felt friends in the later years of the show but at the start of the lip sync segments, they were the true stars. In this one, Kronos the monkey makes an appearance before ceding the spotlight to a T-Rex (or alternate version of Wavy Rancheros) and Brian the shark for a duet/fight/make out session. Why no one optioned this to SyFy is beyond me.

Also, bonus points for the rain effect. Do you air dry a puppet?

Doctor Who Song”

Not a lip sync moment since this is actually an original song (set to the Doctor Who theme) heralding a special Doctor Who episode, but it’s close enough and the Matt Smith cameo is noteworthy and the production is a bit more splashy than the rest.