‘The Daily Show’ Heads To Chinatown For Their Own Response To Fox News’ Horrible Voter Segment

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Ronny Chieng from The Daily Show put together the only response you’ll need to watch to that horrible O’Reilly Factor segment from Chinatown featuring Jesse Watters. Not only did it tread on Daily Show territory and fail miserably, but it also managed to offend pretty much everybody and take advantage of people who couldn’t speak English. When even the host notes “we’re going to get letters” in response to the segment, you know it probably shouldn’t have aired.

Chieng certainly knows it and takes the entire thing to task, calling it garbage and making fun of Watters’ attempt at comedy. To make up for it all, he decides to hit Chinatown for his own segment that discusses the election with people who can actually talk about it. People who have a knowledge of American politics, their relations with China, and can actually converse with the person hosting the segment.

They also hit on Watters’ segment itself, with one of the interview subjects calling him a chicken sh*t reporter, with a chicken sh*t boss, who has no testicles and took advantage of old folks to put them on national television for fun. There’s some paraphrasing there, but he definitely calls him a chicken sh*t. And on top of that, the entire segment could garner the same description from its very inception. Why would you go to Chinatown to discuss China the country?

(Via The Daily Show)