‘The Daily Show’ Had A Field Day With Crack-Smoking, P*ssy-Eating Mayor Rob Ford’s Latest Antics

When it comes to crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford, the jokes write themselves. In fact, they don’t even have to be written. Late night shows can simply roll footage of the guy being an incredibly entertaining buffoon and they’re guaranteed to get plenty of laughter. Hell, even Spirit Airlines was able to leverage the hilarity with a crack-themed promotion for flights to Toronto.

So it was no surprise that last night on The Daily Show Jon Stewart played a highlight reel of Ford’s latest antics, including his baffling drug purchase admission before the Toronto city council and his denial of eating anything but home-cooked p*ssy (on LIVE TELEVISION). Also not a surprise: Stewart was able to inject plenty of setups and zingers into the package, enough to almost match the overwhelming amount of comedy dripping from the human tragedy known as Rob Ford.

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