‘The Daily Show’ Emphatically Rejects The Latest ‘War On Christmas’ Tantrums From Fox News

12.13.13 4 years ago 56 Comments


It’s now mid-December, which means Fox News is in the homestretch of its annual “War on Christmas” narrative/grandstanding. And this year the network has really cranked up its defense of the little underdog holiday that could (creep all the way into October), lambasting menacing threats including a Festivus pole made of beer cans and a vicious hit piece on Santa’s racial makeup (somehow shoehorning Jesus Christ into the latter debate).

The Daily Show has, of course, been following along. Last night Jon Stewart and co. called bullsh*t on the network’s silly freakouts over the aforementioned “attacks” with precision, dropping some biting one-liners about oppression and, more importantly, Florida.

Stewart went on to introduce some much-needed facts to the Santa/Jesus skin color debate by referencing Vatican-commissioned forensics research and, you know, geography. Jessica Williams also joined the conversation, adding some satirical counterpoints and a gorgeous bit on how the good parts of history tend to miraculously “evolve” from black to white over time.

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