Dan Harmon Shared A Treasure Trove Of Ideas For ‘Rick And Morty’ Season 5 On Instagram

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We finally know when Adult Swim is going to premiere the fourth season of Rick and Morty (it’s November 2019), but what about the next one? Or, for that matter, the one(s) after that? After all, we’re supposedly going to get 70 more episodes of the popular animated series, and that means that co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have a lot of additional seasons’ worth of material to produce in the meantime. Cue Harmon’s latest Instagram posts, which teased a treasure trove of ideas for season five.

Yes, that’s right… Harmon and fellow Rick and Morty writer Rob Schrab are apparently hard at work on cracking the show’s fifth season. And the ideas they’ve been coming up with are pretty friggin’ wild.

Among other things, Schrab has come up with such gems as “Jerry gets a pinecone in his butt,” “bark-nado,” “The People’s (Basketball) Court,” “Morty buys a boat,” “Jerry makes a log cabin [with] hair,” “artificial person [with] real leg,” “planet powered by chips & salsa,” “anal beads” and “when-wolf.” Seeing as how all of these (and more, like “Wesley Sniper”) are being presented out of context, there’s no way to discern what any of them actually mean. (Or if that mean anything at all.)

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