‘Folks, Come On’: Dana Carvey Has The Best Joe Biden Impression Yet

Dana Carvey stopped by The Late Show on Tuesday night where he busted out an impression of Joe Biden that was so spot on that it left Stephen Colbert in tears from laughing so hard. Of course, Carvey absolutely nailing Biden shouldn’t be a total surprise given the Saturday Night Live alum’s solid track record when it comes to presidential impressions. He famously parodied George H.W. Bush and eccentric third party candidate Ross Perot during his classic SNL run in the ’90s.

As Carvey notes between his Biden routine complete with running gags about crumbling cookies and growing up in Scranton, he’s definitely not making fun of the 46th president. He’s simply highlighting the fact that the guy is 78-years-old and has a distinct style of talking that’s pretty fun to imitate. In fact, Carvey refers to Biden as sort of “the father of the country,” who likes to list things and occasionally stumbles over a gaffe here and there, but it’s no big deal.

You can watch Carvey cracking Colbert up with his Biden impression below:

Carvey’s talents aren’t just confined to presidents and/or presidential hopefuls. The comedian was so good at impersonating his SNL boss Lorne Michaels that it reportedly caused a rift with his Wayne’s World co-star Mike Myers who allegedly stole the Michaels impression and used it for Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers film. The two have since made amends and recently appeared as Wayne and Garth in an Uber Eats Super Bowl ad together.

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