Danny DeVito Shows His Storytelling Prowess With The Tale Of His Monkey Encounter During ‘Batman Returns’

When Danny DeVito shares a tale involving Batman Returns, a monkey and danger lunging at his groin, the only sensible thing to do is sit crosslegged and listen in earnest. To do anything else would be remarkably silly.

DeVito was among the guests on the celebrity chat hangout that is The Graham Norton Show and he had quite the anecdote to share. We’re terrified we won’t do DeVito’s masteful storytelling justice, so we’ll let the It’s Always Sunny star do the heavy lifting in the clip nestled above boasting the elegant title “Danny DeVito Got Bitten in the Balls by a Monkey.” ONLY THE HIGHBROW FOR US! Come for the story, stay for DeVito’s incredible ability to share a tale of monkey danger, direct your attention to the right occasionally for Ewan McGregor being absolutely bewitched by every twist and turn.

Speaking of McGregor, the Scottish actor didn’t disappoint in the memorable moments category either. He played the role of dinosaur vocalist in a recreation of an iconic Jurassic Park scene with Sam Neill. Maybe there’s a case to be made for a super stripped down entry in the Jurassic World franchise. Or maybe not. Judge for yourself using the segment below as your guide.