‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Adds A ‘Jurassic Park’ Fave To Its Cast (No, Not A Dinosaur)

While Marvel’s Avengers movies — and the movies featuring the Avengers, like Captain America: Civil War — have their own charm to them, something about returning to a lone hero’s timeline and letting them breath a bit is appealing. That’s why there is a lot of hype leading up to 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, where everyone’s favorite Norse god will be once again smashing up baddies with his hammer, hopefully without all of those super group constraints.

That doesn’t mean that a lot of cool stuff won’t be going down in Thor: Ragnarok. Oh no, because worlds will be colliding (sort of) when one of the stars of Jurassic Park will have a role in the upcoming film. None other than Dr. Alan Grant himself, Sam Neill, has landed a role in the upcoming Thor film, says EW, although he has to keep it mostly under wraps.

“I’m not really allowed to say this and I can’t tell you what it is…I did a couple of days on Thor just before I came over here,” Neill said, noting how he “had to sign all sorts of things. So if I say anything else, Marvel’s secret agents — and they are lethal — will come and get me and probably my children, as well.”

A few days sure doesn’t sound like he’ll be featured in a pivotal role, but he’ll still be in the movie and it needs to be kept quiet, which in-and-of-itself is pretty exciting. So no, this isn’t some sort of wacky Marvel/Jurassic Park crossover, but it’s still added starpower to the already jam-packed Thor: Ragnarok.

(Via EW)