‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Had A Collective Meltdown Over What Happened To Daryl

Last night’s The Walking Dead, “The Cell,” was a tough episode to watch for everyone, but especially Daryl Dixon lovers. They’re a dedicated bunch, third only to the Beyhive and Cumberbitches in creepy passion. So they probably weren’t thrilled to see their beloved Daryl, the redneck with a heart of gold, eating dog food sandwiches, looking at pictures of Glenn’s baseball bat-beaten corpse, or listening to the same song on repeat (which Charlie Daniels Band song do you think was the most played on Daryl’s iTunes before the world was overrun by zombies? I’m thinking “The South’s Gonna Do It”).

In his post about The Walking Dead‘s “Negan problem,” our own Dustin Rowles wrote that “The Cell” suggested that “being dead was better than living under the thumb of Negan. Hoping that characters will die just to save them from their misery should not be the point of a television series. While Negan is in the picture, that’s exactly where my head is at. I like Daryl so much that I wish him death just to spare him from more of Negan’s cruelty.” It’s similar to how Six Feet Under viewers felt after the infamous and painful “That’s My Dog” episode, which I love but never want to see again. Anyway, remember that scene from Alice In Wonderland where Alice cries so much that she nearly drowns the doorknob? That’s what Twitter looked like when Daryl lost it.

So many sobbing emojis.

Imagine if The Walking Dead actually killed Daryl. The world would flood.