Dave Chappelle Rails Against White Supremacy And Charlottesville In ‘Def Comedy Jam 25’

The new Def Comedy Jam 25 special is now available on Netflix, and to help usher in the seminal comedy program’s 25th anniversary celebration, The Daily Beast previewed an exclusive clip from one of the hour’s more poignant moments. While trying to introduce a segment with the guidance of an off-camera teleprompter, comedians D.L. Hughley and Dave Chappelle — the latter of whom hilariously navigated through a similar instance of teleprompter-induced shenanigans at the Emmys — dropped all pretenses and embarked on an astute riff about white supremacy in modern America.

“If we told them what being black in America is, would they believe us?” Chappelle joked after initially flubbing the same line, albeit with mock seriousness. “This is not for television. This is just for us in the room. I’ll ask you again more succinctly. ‘If we told them what it was, would they believe us?’ No, fuck no they wouldn’t.” When these comments drew a chorus of boos and a few responses from the audience, however, Chappelle didn’t hold back. “There’s a fucking white supremacist starter kit at Target. ‘Here, let me get some tiki torches, some khaki pants and a fucked up haircut. I got something going on next week.'”

Amid Hughley’s laughter and the crowd’s applause, Chappelle continued. “It’s real right now! And have we seen it all before? Yup!” As the audience continued to laugh along with Hughley and everyone else working behind the camera, the comic concluded, “You can leave this in, too.”

(Via The Daily Beast)