Dave Chappelle, Gal Gadot, Emma Watson, And More Read The Latest Mean Tweets On ‘Kimmel’

It has been a while since Jimmy Kimmel delivered a regular edition of Mean Tweets with some of his guests and the eleventh edition features some of the biggest names yet. Gal Gadot and Emma Watson come off of their box office domination this year with Wonder Woman and Beauty And The Beast to sit down for the cameras, but we also get a few other surprises after they kick things off.

Not only do some of the most popular names in peak TV make an appearances, including Bob Odenkirk and Emmy winner Elisabeth Moss, but Jaime Lannister takes a break from getting his entire army turned to ash to show that even Westeros isn’t safe from the savage burns of Twitter. Even Dave Chappelle, John Lithgow, and Michael Keaton take a moment from being living legends in their respective lanes to take in what some gump like me writes about them online. At least Keaton takes a lot of joy from the entire thing, which is exactly what you’d expect from the guy who played Beetlejuice.

Jennifer Lawrence gets a chance to be weird near the end and Alec Baldwin gets another chance to make a reference to Donald Trump, something that is going to get old pretty quick if it hasn’t already. With SNL returning this Saturday, you’d have to expect that he’ll just keep it up until that happens.

Finally, any person that wants to punch Jake Gyllenhaal in the face hasn’t watched his movies in the past ten years. Go watch Nightcrawler or watch his interviews on late night and try to explain this bad opinion.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)