Dave Chappelle Is Reportedly Open To Sitting Down With The Netflix Employees Who Staged A Walkout

After a contentious few weeks that culminated in Netflix employees staging a company-wide walkout on Wednesday, which received the full support from the streaming service as it navigates the controversy, Dave Chappelle‘s team has signaled that the comedian is open to sitting down with the employees who took issue with his The Closer special.

Chappelle’s final installment in his series for Netflix has been under fire after he proudly declared that he’s “Team TERF” while voicing his support for J.K. Rowling’s history of transphobic statement. Netflix’s repeated defense of those remarks sparked the walkout protest from trans employees and their allies. Despite telling a Hollywood crowd that he loves being canceled, Chappelle is now open to meeting with his detractors, but not without his team suggesting that Netflix hasn’t suggested such a meeting. Via TMZ:

Dave Chappelle is willing to sit down at the table with Netflix employees who feel like he’s inflicted harm on them with his LGBTQ+ jokes … and it sounds like the ball is now in their court.

The comedian’s rep tells TMZ … Dave would be open to dialogue if folks from Netflix actually reach out to him for a discussion.

According to Chappelle’s team, the comedian was never asked to come to the walkout, which is not what organizer Ashley Marie Preston told the crowd at the event. However, despite the mixup over whether or not he was invited to the walkout, Chappelle is still willing to meet with the Netflix employees and hear them out.

(Via TMZ)