David Duchovny Says Fox Mulder Was ‘The Worst FBI Agent’ On ‘The X-Files’, And For A Good Reason

Paley Center For Media Presents:"The Truth Is Here: David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson On The X-Files"
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David Duchovny is getting ready to believe again after a revival of The X-Files was officially announced. In an interview with The New York Times, he talked about reprising his famous role and how it felt after thirteen years. He provided a few details about the new show (it will combine serialization with a “monster of the week” format), but said little otherwise.

What was discussed was how different it will feel, what will be different about his own Agent Fox Mulder, and Agent Dana Scully, played by Gillian Anderson. Hopefully, they’ll both be older and wiser because, as far as Duchovny is concerned, Mulder was a crappy FBI agent. Wait, what?

The interesting thing about Mulder is that nominally he is law enforcement but he never solved one case in nine years. So he’s the worst F.B.I. agent of all time.

Oh my god, he didn’t! Yet the FBI kept letting him take on new cases, along with Scully and her science. Was he someone’s nephew or something? Maybe it had something to do with the Cigarette Smoking Man (whose new title could become the Vaping Man). So does Duchovny want this sad statistic to change?

I don’t know. I hope not. That would really change the show.

Trust no one. Especially Fox Mulder, because he sucks at FBI-agent-ing.

Source: New York Times