The Five Most Interesting Things We Learned About David Lynch From NY Mag’s New Profile Of Him


David Lynch has always had an odd contrast between his Americana-heavy persona (his biography, on many projects, is simply “Born Missoula, MT. Eagle Scout.”) and the dark and disturbing work he’s known for, most recently Twin Peaks: The Return. That lack of insight has left a lot of people excited for his new biography/autobiography, Room To Dream. The book keeps up the contrast many find so fascinating with Lynch, as it alternates chapters by an independent biographer, Kristine McKenna, researching Lynch’s life and his recollections with the material she finds.

In part to promote the book, but also in part because he’s David Lynch, he spoke to David Marchese of New York magazine for a profile. And we learn a few things about his life, all of which are entertainingly weird.

He Got Ripped Off By Somebody Claiming To Run Michael Jackson’s Candy Company

Okay, so one day I was at Dino De Laurentiis’s company and Dino had a guy who was on the business side. He seemed very intelligent. I had in my pocket $5,000 in cash that I’d saved from my per diems. I used to love carrying money around in my pocket. I don’t carry money around now because people find out you carry cash and you get rolled. But I passed this guy’s office and he said, “David, listen to me. Listen to me. You can get in on the ground floor: This is Michael Jackson’s company: Chewy Nougats. You can buy in now.” So I said, “Well, I got this five grand right here.” My thinking was that I’d double it at least, so I put $5,000 into Chewy Nougats. I followed it for a while and the Chewy part left and it was just called Nougats. Then the Nou was gone and it was called Gats. Then it all disappeared.

His Friends Might Get A Fancy Toilet For Their Birthday

These electric toilets [Ed. Note: a $1300 smart toilet made by Montreal’s Ove Decors, and also a favorite of Gene from Bob’s Burgers] are so beautiful, David. I’d always wanted one of these electric toilets and it’s the most fantastic thing. It’s so well-thought-out. It’s modern technology at work — for a toilet! It’s got this great lavender-blue lamplight. It washes you. It dries you. It’s the whole thing.

Later in the interview, he notes they “make a great gift,” so if you know David Lynch, have a plumber in mind.

David Lynch Loves Mayo And Chicken

I have coffees in the morning and meditate. Then for lunch I have one piece of bread, toasted, with some mayonnaise and some chicken. That’s it. Then at dinner I have one piece of bread with some mayonnaise and some chicken and I have some vegetable soup.

He’s Searching For The Perfect Vegetable Chip

On Jet Blue I had this onion dip and these vegetable chips. I’m trying to find those chips. I don’t know what they were. The flavor was incredible. Unbelievably good!

Terra Blues?

No, they were beige and brown. They were lighter, with some gray-brown spots in them. I got two bags; I asked the stewardess if I could have a second because they were so good. Michael, my assistant, has gotten three or four different bags of chips since I had those and we’re still trying to find the right ones.

And He Manages To Combine The Mystery Of His Work With Dad Jokes

So what was Twin Peaks: The Return all about anyway?
[Laughs and shakes his head “no.”]

I thought I’d try and sneak that in there.
Okay, I can tell you what Twin Peaks was about.


So what it’s about?
It’s about 18 hours long.

The whole piece is worth a read; Lynch reveals, among other things, an interest in true crime shows that sadly Marchese doesn’t follow up on. But it’s fun to imagine him streaming Evil Genius and Making A Murderer back-to-back, having a coffee and, apparently, a chicken-and-mayo toast to go with it.

(via New York)