David Spade Will Guest Host ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Amidst Chris Harrison’s Ongoing Racism Controversy

Longtime The Bachelor host Chris Harrison is not ready to get back into the game. The reality show puppet was sidelined earlier this year, when he made the incredibly stupid decision to defend a racist contestant’s past. So ABC has wisely decided to keep Harrison benched when Bachelor in Paradise returns to TV this summer. Instead of having one regular host, the network will bring in a series of guest hosts to oversee the action—and, according to People, actor/comedian David Spade is reportedly among them.

Spade—whose celebrity heyday was in the 1990s, when he spent six seasons on Saturday Night Live; played the perfectly sniveling foil to Chris Farley in movies like Tommy Boy and Black Sheep (but mostly Tommy Boy); and starred in the for-some-reason-hit series Just Shoot Me!—may seem like an odd choice to some viewers. But he is a noted and devoted fan of The Bachelor franchise, and regularly recaps the show on his Instagram page.

Jimmy Kimmel asked Spade about his odd appreciation of the reality TV stalwart back in March, and whether he preferred The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. “I like it all,” was Spade’s response. “I just make fun of whatever’s in front of me.”

That Spade would have no problem roasting contestants is one of the reasons this pairing could work. Another reason it could work? The world doesn’t really need another privileged white guy who would suggest that “there’s a big difference” between what was racist in 2018 versus what is racist now making bank for doing nothing, which has essentially been Harrison’s role. (For the record, Chris: There is no difference, big or otherwise. Kicking it at an Old South antebellum-themed party is never a good idea.)

While neither ABC nor Spade has yet to confirm this news, something tells us Spade will have a lot to say if and when an official statement is made.

(Via People)