David Spade Got A Chris Farley Tattoo From An Oscar-Winning Actor

Sean Penn didn’t host the November 18, 1995, episode of SNL — that honor belonged to Melrose Place‘s Laura Leighton with musical guest Rancid, because, again, 1995 — but he provided the night’s most memorable sketch. The Dead Man Walking actor appeared in “Spade In America,” a recurring segment on the show, to give David Spade a tattoo. It wasn’t a fake, either — it was a real tattoo of Calvin from newspaper comic strip Calvin and Hobbes given to him by two-time Academy Award winner Penn, a decision he now regrets. But not so much that Spade didn’t go through with it again.

During a recent episode of Comedy Central’s Lights Out With David Spade, Penn once again gave Spade a real tattoo, except this time of something meaningful: Chris Farley’s initials. “I didn’t know what tattoo to get,” the Tommy Boy and Black Sheep actor said. “I was thinking of all these Farley stories lately. And I’ve been connected with him for years and years, and I thought might as well stay connected to him through a tattoo.”

It’s no “Chris Farley Song,” but it’s still pretty heartfelt. Spade also told a “dumb story” about Farley, one that involves sharing an office (Chris Rock and Adam Sandler were there, too), Playboy, and, as Spade calls it, a “surprise ending.” Watch for yourself above.


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