Who Killed Jason Blossom On ‘Riverdale’?

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Riverdale, a new television series based on the Archie Comics characters, debuted last week on the CW, and as Alan Sepinwall explained in his review, it’s a darker interpretation of the characters than we’ve ever seen. Much of Riverdale, so far, is a typical teen melodrama, heavily stylized and dripping with smart pop-culture references (Toni Morrison, In Cold Blood, Woody Allen, and Goonies, among others, so far). However, the biggest draw to the series for many of us is the Twin Peaks-like murder mystery that bookends all the relationship drama.

We’re only two episodes into the season, but it’s never too early to try and solve a mystery. Piecing the clues together, so far, let’s try and answer the question: Who killed Jason Blossom?

Here’s what we know.

The Facts

On the early morning of the July 4th, Jason Blossom and his sister, Cheryl, took an early morning boat ride. Before they set off, however, Cheryl asked her brother, “Are you scared?” which is not a question one would typically ask before a routine boat ride in the river. Hours later, Cheryl was found on the shore, wet, and distraught. Jason was missing.

Cheryl explained to the police that she had dropped her glove from the boat, and that Jason had reached over to grab it. The boat tipped over, Cheryl said, and Jason never came back up. Authorities dragged the river, but could not find Jason’s body. He was presumed dead.

We know now that the reason they couldn’t find Jason’s body was because it wasn’t in the river at the time. As we learned in the second episode — after Jason’s body was recovered from the river — he didn’t actually die until a week after the fourth of July.

However, on the morning of the 4th, while Cheryl and Jason were out boating, Archie — who was having an illicit affair with his music teacher — heard a gunshot near the river (he was prevented from informing the police of this, however, because he didn’t want to reveal that he and his teacher were having sex that morning). While Jason did die from a gunshot wound to the head, we also know it wasn’t the same gunshot Archie heard because Jason didn’t die until a week later.


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