Guessing The Most Replayed Moments From 10 Great TV Shows

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08.28.13 49 Comments
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*stoic announcer voice* ON SUNDAY’S EPISODE OF AMC’S Breaking Bad: the world was confused by a packet of cigarettes. Huell’s graceful pickpocketing was the source of much next-day debate and that-day rewinding. But fan reexamination isn’t anything new for Breaking Bad: there are dozens of scenes that get better or make more sense with every view, from Walt knocking to Jesse dancing to Gus exploding.

In honor of the visual scrutiny that Breaking Bad gets every week, I guessed what the most replayed scene from 10 other great shows is. Some, like the action in “Confessions,” are studied because they’re begging to be studied; others are just because DENTAL PLAN.

1. The Sopranos: “Best in the state”

Six hundred people have clicked the dreaded “thumb down” button for this video. They’re all monsters. No scene in TV history has been as replayed and argued over as the final one in “Made in America,” the Sopranos‘ last episode. There are entire websites dedicated to the man in the Members Only jacket and hell, even I went to Holsten’s once and checked to see if there was anywhere to hide a gun in their bathroom. It’s obvious that Tony [BLAH BLAH BLAH], but at least 600 people disagree.

2. Seinfeld: the Marine Biologist speech

A favorite amongst the Peter King crowd, who quote “the sea was angry…” incessantly. Jason Alexander gives a great performance (though I think it’s so popular because it’s a monologue that builds, whereas most “Seinfeld-isms” are visual gags or cute descriptions), but it’s got nothing on Kramer and Newman cooking sausage together.

3. Lost: “Not Penny’s Boat”

A close second: that time Hurley threw a burrito at Ben.

4. Arrested Development: the chicken dance

According to YouTube view counts, the most popular moment from Arrested Development is “BEES?!?” That doesn’t feel right, though — I think that if you included DVD rewinds and streaming replays, the actual answer would either be Gob and Franklin’s “It Ain’t Easy Being White” or, more likely, the entire family doing their version of a chicken dance.

5. Freaks and Geeks: Bill’s dance

In which a nation (of 47 people) learned to NEVER cut someone off mid-funk.

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