‘Dexter’ Is Somehow Bringing Back The Show’s Best Villain For The Revival

Dexter had some good seasons, but only one unquestionably great season. That would be season four, where Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall, learns how to have a healthy work (forensic technician for the Miami Metro Police Department) / life (murdering people) balance from Arthur Miller, better known as the Trinity Killer. John Lithgow won an Emmy for playing the canny serial killer, and although — spoiler alert — he died in the season finale (although not before murdering Dexter’s wife, Rita), the actor will somehow reprise his role in the upcoming Showtime revival.

Deadline reports that Lithgow “is set to make a short but decisive appearance in the Michael C. Hall-led revival coming from Showtime this fall… Which begs the question: How will Lithgow’s Arthur Mitchell will return? Details are scant, but scribes on the Clyde Phillips-showrun 10-episode limited series have concocted a pathway for the Trinity Killer to come back that works within the larger Dexter narrative.” Lithgow’s cameo is only expected to take a day of filming, so he can quickly go back to screaming about gremlins, or whatever he does in his free time.

It’s unclear who else will return from the original run, outside of Hall and Lithgow. Julie Benz (Rita) won’t be back, but Jennifer Carpenter (Debra) was reportedly spotted on set. There’s also been speculation that lil’ Harrison, the “cereal spiller” himself, will show up. We’ll find out later this year when the Dexter limited series debuts on Showtime.

(Via Deadline)