‘Dexter’ Is Hinting At An O.G. Character’s Return In A New Revival Teaser

Revival shows (and reboots and relaunches and retoolings and reunions) won’t quit. Most of them are, as you are well aware, not fantastic and fail to recapture the magic. Occasionally, we receive an exception like the infuriatingly good Cobra Kai, yet can we dare to hope for a similar experience with Showtime’s Dexter? I’ve got my fingers crossed. It’ll definitely be better than that hurricane-survival ending, right? No more Mr. Lumberjack, after all.

Before we get real answers, there’s speculation, and a lot of that curiosity involves whether any O.G. cast members will return. James Remar (who played Dexter’s dad) already poured cold water on the idea of any original cast members returning, but the forensic evidence of Debra Morgan’s striped shirts would suggest otherwise. Also! My hunch all along is that we might see a return from Dexter’s son, Harrison, and a confrontation with dear old dad.

Enter the newest Dexter teaser (released on Father’s Day), which has a burning photo of the pair with this caption: “Wanna know a secret? Daddy kills people. #Dexter”

So… is this mere Father’s Day serial-killer humor, or something more?

This is exciting stuff, if the suggestion of Harrison’s return turns into the real deal. The original show ended with Harrison, who had been abandoned by Dexter in an apparent effort to cut-off the serial killer cycle, in Argentina with Hannah. Harrison’s approaching adulthood if we’re working in real-time (the show ended in 2013), and he’s presumably still alive. Not only that but back in 2015, the young actor who played Harrison (Jadon Wells) was an 8-year-old who was seriously into CrossFit. Sure, he’s probably 14 or 15 years old now, but maybe he could kick Dexter’s butt these days? Or Showtime could have decided to totally recast the Harrison role, given that 10 years have supposedly passed between the original finale and the limited series revival.

Whatever the case, my fingers are duly crossed for a real showdown.

The Dexter revival will likely arrive in late 2021.