More Details About The ‘Dexter’ Revival Have Surfaced, Including Jennifer Carpenter’s Possible Return

Showtime announced last October that it would be reviving the most successful series in the network’s history, Dexter, which last aired on the network in 2013. The show’s original showrunner, Clyde Phillips, has returned, and he suggested this is not Season 9, but it is a continuation, only it picks up years after the original left Michael C. Hall’s Dexter as a lumberjack in Oregon. Both Phillips and Hall have suggested that this will be something of a do-over, allowing them to provide Dexter with a better ending (and here’s three things that fans will insist upon).

Details have been scant, but we also know that the series will not return to Miami, but instead will be set in the town of Iron Lake in upstate New York. Dexter’s major nemesis will be the mayor of that town, played by Clancy Brown. The city of Iron Lake, New York, however, will be played by Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, and thanks to an update from their local newspaper, The Greenfield Recorder, we also know that the revival will be set during the winter.

In fact, though it was shot in Shelburne Falls in April, the city has been remade with Christmas decorations to give it a holiday setting. No release date has been set for the return — even after the release of the teaser this week — but winter settings often beget winter releases, so I wouldn’t expect Dexter to air until late this year.

Jamie Chung (Lovecraft Country), Julia Jones (Goliath), and Alano Miller (Jane the Virgin) have also been announced as cast members. Meanwhile, there have not yet been any confirmations regarding the show’s original cast members. However, rumors that Yvonne Strahovski’s character, Hannah, would return have recently been debunked. A local newspaper captured a photo from the set of a woman (wearing a mask) who looked like Strahovski, but it was later learned that she was a crew member.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Carpenter — who played Debra Morgan — recently posted a picture from a set, though not necessarily the set of Dexter, but fans of the series are convinced that it is. The timing checks out, and some conspiracy theorists are convinced that the crew member on the set with her is wearing a Dexter lanyard, but there’s no confirmation of this assertion.

In the photo, Carpenter is also wearing a striped shirt, and Debra Morgan frequently wore striped shirts on the series. That’s not in any way confirmation, but if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and wears a striped shirt like Debra Morgan …


The best evidence of Debra’s return, however, may come in photo posted to Instagram from the set back in February by Dexter director and producer, Marcos Siega, in which he tagged Jennifer Carpenter along with other cast members.

Though Debra died in the original series, and though showrunner Clyde Phillips insisted that they are “not undoing anything,” he also said that “there is some flexibility to do some movie magic.” This has led to speculation that Debra would replace Dexter’s father, Harry, as his Dark Passenger — the ghost that offers him deadly advice.

We’ll find out more when Dexter finally returns later this year.

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