The First Trailer For Apple TV’s ‘Dickinson’ Reimagines The ‘Wild’ American Poet For The Modern Era

Disney+ may be in the middle of a massive public relations rollout ahead of its debut on November 12th, but that doesn’t mean that Apple TV is just going to idly sit by. Hence Monday’s teaser trailer for Dickinson, the half-hour “period” comedy series about famed American poet Emily Dickinson from The Newsroom and The Affair alum Alena Smith. Starring Hailee Steinfeld as the “wild” child of the Dickinson family, Dickinson looks like it will attempt to stretch the definition of “period piece” as much as possible.

According to the show’s official logline, Dickinson will explore “the constraints of society, gender, and family from the perspective of rebellious young poet Emily Dickinson.” And judging by the many complaints of her parents — played by Toby Huss and Jane Krakowski — in the trailer, it seems that that’s exactly what the show is going to do. Of course, to accomplish this, Smith and her creative team have evidently decided to infuse the series with plenty of contemporary cultural references and other ahistorical notes.

This includes everything from the way Emily speaks in the brief snippets of dialogue previewed by the teaser trailer to the way by which a more formal evening devolves into a Euphoria-esque dance party. Hell, even Carnage’s “I Like Tuh Feat. ILoveMakonnen” track from 2015 is playing throughout the short tease.

Dickinson is slated to premiere sometime this fall on Apple TV.