Did A Russian TV Show Rip Off The Opening Credits From ‘True Detective’?

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04.08.14 6 Comments

In (former) Soviet Russia, detectives true you, and TV shows will allegedly rip off the opening credits of popular American shows. Earlier today, Redditor orionplanet posted a “Pathetic TRUE DETECTIVE opening rip-off” to the show’s subreddit, adding, “Yes, this is actual russian tv-series Дорога домой.” After watching the clip, it sure looks similar to the HBO series, but to get to the heart of the matter, I went to where 2014 Rust Cohle spends most of his time: the YouTube comment section (with help from Google Translate).

Can understand and forgive desire for beauty, expressed in plagiarism, but not this uebischnaya music.

obscenities, norms only one scene where the pipe sticking out of Baska (0:42). and the rest – cutting of truckers and streets of broken lamps, filmed in the style of title to the true detective.

Job probably was: “let’ve stole, but that was done MUCH cocks! And be sure to take the font most uebansky. And do primitive music, and then x will not understand “

This is not a real detective)

Damn, I was really disgusted by our TV, Russia-1, Vitaly Babenko and others who have to do with it, ubeytes the wall, drink poison or emigrate to Pakistan. Who works on Russia-1, give passwords-turnout, how to get into the building with a discreet package of dynamite? ‪ # hateRUSSIA1 ‬, ‪ # hatevitaliy_babenko ‬, ‪ # hate_doroga_domoy

Russian – mother thieves and plagiarists.

Well, beside the amazing poison rant, that was remarkably unhelpful (though some comments seem to imply it might be an intentional parody, not a straight-up lift), but it wasn’t a total bust: Mother Thieves and Plagiarists could be the subtitle for #TrueDetectiveSeason2.

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