All The Questions We Have After The Baffling ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale

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05.23.16 19 Comments

I’ve previously suggested that there was a certain bravery to showrunner Dave Erickson’s decision to take a completely different path than The Walking Dead. That remains true, but some of the decisions that are being made with the series at this point can only be described as baffling. It’s not only that Fear the Walking Dead is a completely different show than The Walking Dead, it’s that Fear the Walking Dead is a completely different show in the midseason finale than it was three episodes ago. The personalities of the characters have changed practically overnight. The writers are throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks, and not much was sticking in the midseason finale. In the year of fake deaths, there were two more to add to the pile on Fear the Walking Dead, in addition to a few bewildering decisions by Nick and Travis.

After a much improved second season of the series, Fear the Walking Dead lost a lot of goodwill in the midseason finale, and it will need to work hard in August when the series returns to make sense of what happened this week.

Here are a few questions we have after the finale.

Is Daniel dead?

Daniel went completely crazy, saw his visions of his dead wife, and ultimately torched the entire village, and presumably himself. He was standing in the damn flames when the village lit up. He has to be dead, right? Maybe. Probably. Or maybe not. We never saw his body, and this is The Walking Dead universe, where no one is dead until we see their body. Madison only saw the room where Daniel had been tied up. It’s possible that Daniel survived the fire, somehow. AMC’s Story Sync seems to suggest that he is dead; however, on Talking Dead, producer Gale Anne Hurd says not so fast: “In the minds of the producers, he’s not dead.”

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