Don Cheadle as Captain Planet

08.31.11 8 years ago 12 Comments

That quote’s all you really need to know about this Funny or Die video starring Don Cheadle as Captain Planet (embedded below). Possibly the crappiest superhero ever conceived, Captain Planet was easily one of the worst cartoons of the 1990s, a paper-thin character attempting to broaden children’s respect for the environment by making it look like supervillains took joy in cutting trees down and polluting water. This video starts with that conceit, but Captain Planet soon turns into an angry badass who F’s people up and flies away saying, “Don’t summon me again unless you ready for that pain. Peace, dickholes!” It might be Cheadle’s best exit line since Maurice Miller crushed goldfish in Albert Brooks’s hand and told him, “That’s how you do the shake.”

[via BuzzFeed]

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