Bob Saget And John Stamos Share Some Heartwarming Memories Of Don Rickles On ‘Kimmel’

Following the death of iconic comedian Don Rickles, celebrities and fans alike expressed their condolences and shared their fondest memories in droves. Chief among them was talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, whose moving, tear-filled monologue about his friend and frequent guest culminated in a clip montage of Mr. Warmth’s best appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live. One of these included Rickles’ joint stint with John Stamos, as he and fellow Full House alum Bob Saget had become the older comic’s favored “step-daughters,” per Kimmel.

To commemorate the man they knew and loved, Kimmel had Saget and Stamos on the couch together on Monday to remember Rickles. And for anyone who is a true fan of “The Merchant of Venom,” it was a delight to behold as the heartwarming discussion quickly transformed into an homage to Rickles’ brand of insult comedy when Saget and Kimmel turned on Stamos’ past dating life. “He really wanted me to find a girl,” the latter said by way of explaining the comedian’s wanting the younger actor to settle down. It was all the fuel Saget and Kimmel needed, as they both corrected him, “A woman!”

“He said, ‘Stop dating teenagers,'” joked Saget, to which the show host added: “You made him so happy because you didn’t just find a woman. You found thousands of women. You found women all over. Everywhere! In elevators and everything.” Between the audience’s laughter and Stamos’ giggly protestations, Saget tagged back in with another Rickles joke about his fellow guest. “Don would say he had a little clicker for each one.”

True to Rickles’ spirit, however, Kimmel just as quickly teamed up with Stamos to turn the tables on Saget for more roasting. What results is a nearly 12 and a half minute-long video, without interruption, of the trio remembering their deceased friend with heartfelt stories and stinging jokes in equal measure.