Donald Glover Tries To Prove That He’s A ‘Threat’ That Can Do Anything In His Haphazard ‘SNL’ Monologue

Much has been made about Donald Glover‘s career to this point. It’s the type of thing that will build quite the ego inside a person, something Glover plays around with in his monologue on SNL. When a guy is hosting and playing musical guest, it is easy to think he’s full of confidence and that he can do anything. So Glover tries to prove just that, transcending the idea that he’s a triple threat to create the idea that he’s just a “threat” all around.

It’s calamity from there, with Glover trying to ollie on a skateboard and falling to the ground instantly and drinking Kenan Thompson’s rag water. It all revolves around Glover still being hung up on not joining the cast of SNL when he auditioned a few years back. He went on to write for 30 Rock and star on Community, but it still seems to hurt him a bit, at least for comedic effect.

To close things out, Glover tries to show that he can play the clarinet. This is where Thompson’s rag water comes back into play, ruining the clarinet and the stage by making its way back out of Glover’s body. If only he would’ve kept his hubris in check, he might’ve started his show with a typical musical number and a llama appearance.

Instead, we got pretend vomit.

(Via SNL)