Donald Trump Was A Massive Diva On ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Set

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The entertainment industry was well aware of much of Donald Trump’s hate-spewing and sexism years before the rest of the world caught up. Newsweek spoke to directors, producers, actors, and writers who worked with the Republican presidential nominee during his cameos on shows and movies as varied as Home Alone 2: Lost In New York to The Drew Carey Show. The two best — which is to say, worst — remembrances come from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Nanny. The roles were a few years apart, but they had two things in common: Trump played himself each time (which I think means the shows share a universe?), and he was a self-righteous diva on both sets.

Fresh Prince producer Gary H. Miller recalled being summoned to Trump’s dressing room. He didn’t think his lines were funny enough. “With all due respect,” Miller replied, “I would never think of giving you any advice about real estate, because I don’t know about real estate. But I do know comedy — and trust me, you’ll get a laugh.” Trump also threw a stack of papers with his lines on the floor. But that’s nothing compared to his Nanny tantrum.

Recalls Peter Marc Jacobson, who created the show with [Fran] Drescher: “We sent the script to Mr. Trump, and in return I got a message from casting that said, ‘Mr. Trump has a problem with the line above: “Do all you handsome millionaires know each other?”’ I was actually impressed and thought, ‘Isn’t it nice that he’s humble and doesn’t want to call himself a millionaire?’ Then I read the rest of the note, and it said, ‘Since he’s a billionaire, he would like the line changed accordingly.’ Jacobson was so amused that he decided to frame the note. He still has it on his desk 20 years later. (Via)

It sounds like the only person in Hollywood who enjoyed working with Trump, excuse me, Mr. Trump is Billy Bush, and we all know how that worked out.

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(Via Newsweek)

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