Donald Trump Explains How He Would Have Handled The ‘Miss Universe’ Flub

By now, you’ve probably witnessed the exact, completely mortifying moment in which Steve Harvey announced Miss Colombia as the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant, an unforgettable piece of history that has already launched a thousand memes and reactions. As such, Donald Trump — who as you may recall was ousted from his involvement in the time-honored pageant — took some time out of his busy schedule of gushing over new BFF Vladimir Putin and brushing off Hitler comparisons to comment on the controversy to Matt Lauer on the Today show Monday morning.

When asked “what would Donald Trump have done?” (WWDTD bracelets need to be commissioned, STAT), Trump said outright that he would have made the two women co-winners, noting how important the pageant is to Colombia — which won last year and threw a week-long celebration over the victory. Trump also noted that Steve Harvey is a “terrific guy,” basically chalking the whole thing up to “sh*t happens.” It’s kind of amazing. If Donald Trump would show even a fraction of the diplomacy he bestows upon the Miss Universe pageant as he displays in his presidential campaign, he might not be terrifying most of the United States right now.

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