What It Would Take For Donald Trump Supporters To Not Vote For Him Is Terrifying

Despite their many, many faults, you have to admit: Donald Trump’s supporters are a loyal bunch. Take this guy. He doesn’t mind looking like a bigoted meathead who still listens to Limp Bizkit and bongs Mountain Dew and off-brand Red Bell in his free time — which he has a lot of since the local Blockbuster went out of business. He just wants the world to know how much he loves Trump.

But is there something the embarrassingly uninformed Trump could do that would his cause his biggest fans to not vote for him (which is to say, not vote at all)? That’s what Jimmy Kimmel sought to find out in last night’s episode, and surprisingly, the answer is yes. Unsurprisingly, it would take a lot.

A brief sampling:

-“Be a socialist like Bernie, or be a criminal like Hillary.”

-“Take my guns.”

-“Be a child molester.”

-“Short of killing somebody, I don’t know.”

-“Punching a woman right in the face on national TV.”

So there you go. Unless Donald Trump turns into a socialist child molester who steals guns in the middle of the night, Grinch-style, and uses one of them to murder a woman on CNN, he’s got their vote.