If You Call Hayley Atwell ‘Mom’ On Twitter, You Will Live To Regret It

If you’ve ever wondered what it would take to incur the wrath of Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell, the answer is now clear: call her “Mom” on Twitter. That’s what one fan did and it earned them a swift twit-lashing by Atwell, who does not want to be called “Mom” at all, as evidenced by the following Twitter rant:

It doesn’t look like the initial tweet was meant to be mean or trollish, but, yeah, why “Mom”? While Atwell may have drawn the ire of a handful of teenagers, one of whom was just looking for some birthday props only to be blocked by the object of her admiration, calling someone “Mom” when they are not your mom is weird. It’s one thing when you’re a kid in school and you accidentally call your teacher “Mom.” It happens involuntarily. On Twitter, you have the luxury of editing weird moments like that. Sorry, kid, but you volunteered for this punishment.

You made it weird. And when you’re a famous person on and off Twitter, your life is weird as it is. Ordinary, normal people don’t get to caress Chris Evans’ chest.

Hayley Atwell does not lead an ordinary, normal life. She does not need an injection of excitement like being called “Mom” by a stranger.

Let this be a lesson to you.

Source: ONTD