Eagle-Eyed Internet May Have Spotted The Pink Teddy Bear In Last Week’s ‘Breaking Bad’

The very first in-depth Breaking Bad theory piece I ever wrote was about the Pink Teddy Bear recurring motif a few years ago. For those not up to speed, the pink teddy bear (as well as pink teddy bear imagery) we saw in the very second episode of Breaking Bad has been popping up regularly throughout the series, and it always seems to either portend or represent death. If you see a pink teddy bear, or something that looks like the pink teddy bear, you know bad sh*t has either just happened, or soon will. It’s why I’m so terrified for poor Holly White, who is often seen in pink onesies, often with ears on the hood, resembling a pink teddy bear.

It was also Vince Gilligan’s first Easter Egg, and early in the series, he took some pride in it.

We haven’t seen much of the pink teddy bear of late, OR SO I THOUGHT. Turns out, it may have been spotted but someone on Reddit in “Rabid Dog,” the most recent episode of the series. See for yourself.

I did go back and check the episode again to ensure that it wasn’t photoshopped in, and sure enough: There it is. Is it actually the pink teddy bear, or is it just a pink teddy bear shaped object that just happens to be in a tree when Breaking Bad is filming?

Vince Gilligan doesn’t do anything by mistake, folks. And if you want to know who else is in the shot, we’ll zoom out.

Jesse is so screwed.

Interestingly, someone else on Reddit spotted the pink teddy bear in another place I’d never seen it (from the season two episode, “Phoenix”), and it’s placement in the series is almost always buried in the background, so there’s some precedent for hiding it.

Granted, we don’t need to see a pink teddy bear to know that bad sh*t is coming down the pike, but it’s always fun when Gilligan winks at the fans (if, in fact, this is what it is).

(Hat Tip: Jeremy S.)

(Source: Reddit)