Kiernan Shipka Recounts ‘Bucket Head Bobby’ And 7 Other Bobby Drapers From ‘Mad Men’

Most people know that several actors played Sally Draper’s little brother, Bobby, over the course of seven seasons of Mad Men, although her other little brother, Gene, was played by the same twins, Evan and Ryder Londo, who also played Abel on Sons of Anarchy.

What most people don’t know about Bobby Draper was that there were EIGHT of them, but only four of them were credited on the show, because the other four were in the show only briefly. Over on Apple’s new list app, Kiernan Shipka — who played Sally Draper on Mad Men — recounted her memories with all eight Bobby Drapers.

The most fascinating tidbits, however, weren’t about the Bobbys who were credited (like Aaron Hart, who “liked M&Ms” and “had cool boots”) but the other four, who Shipka nicknames by their actions during their appearances. Like, “Pilot Bobby,” who was the son of the director of the episode, and who appeared only in the pilot. Or, “Bucket Head Bobby,” who only worked on the set for a few hours. You can spot him briefly in the background here.

There was also a “Pillow Face Bobby,” whose face never appeared on Mad Men “because he was directed to bury his face into the pillow and not turn towards camera.”

My favorite, however, was “Slurpee Bobby,” who appeared in only one episode, “The Wheel.”

“After 30 minutes of taking pictures, he was done-zo,” Shipka wrote. “His mom kept bribing him with slurpees from 7-Eleven. By the end, she must have owed him a lifetime supply.”

You can read the rest of Shipka’s Bobby Draper memories here, including Bobby #3, Jared Gilmore, who left the show to do Once Upon a Time, but who also loved to eat sugar “straight out of the packets.”

(Via The List App via Elizabeth Wendorf)