Elon Musk’s ‘SNL’ Hosting Announcement Sparked A Meme About Absurd Hosts And Musical Guests

Saturday Night Live made waves over the weekend by announcing its next host would be a billionaire with questionable scientific beliefs, despite owning a company responsible for sending humans into space. Though Musk has plenty of fans online, the reaction across social media was largely negative for a number of reasons, with some comparing the move to the show’s infamous decision to let Donald Trump host during his run to the White House in 2015.

Musk drew plenty of reaction from skeptics on Saturday, but as the weekend went on, one meme triumphed above all. In recent years, SNL has announced hosts and musical guests with images of yellow, blue and pink index cards. They did the same on Saturday when announcing Musk and musical guest Miley Cyrus, and an intrepid poster with the Twitter handle @bonerwizard decided to edit out the names and let people go wild picking their own host and musical guest.

Their own suggestion was pretty good, and very quickly the pairings got more and more absurd.


Some, however, were actually pretty good suggestions.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the format has been used to make a joke. In fact, SNL writer Steven Castillo has used the format to make his own jokes on Twitter and Instagram in the past. This one is a particular favorite.

He made his own joke about the Musk pick on Saturday as well, so perhaps the show will be in on the joke of it all when Musk actually swings by next month.

The only way to see if Musk can actually pull it off is to watch. Or, I suppose, just wait to see some clips surface on Twitter and quote tweet it with your own take.