Eric Andre Got A Concussion After Performing A Violent Stunt With John Cena

On Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Kimmel introduced Eric Andre as “the weirdest talk show host there is.” He’s also one of the weirdest talk show guests, as evidenced by The Eric Andre Show creator sitting on a lifeguard station during his interview with Kimmel (who’s had an interesting week). “I have to be safe,” he explained. “I have to keep my distance. You’re known as the most diseased man in Hollywood.”

Later in the chat, Andre discussed an Eric Andre Show stunt with John Cena that went horribly wrong. Cena, a professional wrestler, did everything right, but “we prepped for the stunt wrong. That metal shelf came over and clocked me on the head, and I got concussed. I went to the hospital.” Andre compared his injury to Fred Flintstone or Bugs Bunny get clocked on the noggin with a comically large mallet, “and I haven’t been able to speak English since. I memorized this interview phonetically actually.”

Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show returns for season five this Sunday, October 25, at midnight EST with Tyler the Creator, Wiz Khalifa, Chance the Rapper, Henry Rollins, T-Pain, Judy Greer, Blake Griffin, Luis Guzman, and Lizzo in the Bird Up outfit.

And as always, #Investigate311.