Eric Andre Subjects A$AP Rocky And Danny Brown To ‘Rapper Warrior Ninja’

The fourth season of The Eric Andre Show premieres on August 5 at midnight on Adult Swim, and if the clip released today is any indication, it should be bringing us more of the gloriously absurd comedy that has made the show such a cult hit.

Adult Swim’s Facebook page released a clip from a segment called “Rapper Warrior Ninja,” a parody of American Ninja Warrior, featuring rappers such as Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky, and Open Mike Eagle, among others. The rappers compete on a much smaller version of the Ninja Warrior obstacle course, but there are two twists: they are blindfolded, and they have to keep rapping the entire time. That second part of the challenge proved rather difficult, as it’s hard to concentrate on rapping when you have no idea what’s happening around you. When A$AP begins stumbling, Andre roars “keep freestyling!”

None of the rappers who attempt the course do particularly well, for understandable reasons; there are balls flying at their heads, and they have no idea where they are coming from. Co-host Hannibal Buress is amused by the antics, but later on, he appears to try the course himself, where he doesn’t seem to do much better than anyone else.

This isn’t the first time Eric Andre attempted a unique rap battle. The host also had Killer Mike and Action Bronson wheezing bars while on treadmills.

(Via Pitchfork)