The Official Video From Eric Andre’s Trip To The Republican National Convention Is Wonderful

Many of you keeping tabs on the Republican National Convention were probably (and pleasantly) surprised to learn that Adult Swim’s Eric Andre was on the scene. From crashing a rally held by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones (and asking him to do things to Andre’s wife), to interrupting Ben Carson’s speech with Tim Heidecker while dressed rather patriotically, the Eric Andre Show host seemed to be having a good time. Per the official video above, however, Andre and his Adult Swim cohorts weren’t just having fun — they were also pissing people off. And it’s beautiful.

Among other things, Andre trolls both delegates and non-attendees alike by:

  • Asking a woman if she’s “Auntie Abortion,” then trying to pick her up with the line “I’m Uncle Abortion and I’m going to knock you up.”
  • Discussing pop country band Rascal Flatts’ latest song, “Flat on My Back” with a cowboy hat-wearing, self-described Rascal Flatts fan.
  • Pissing off a cameraman after interrupting his shoot with “Interview TV,” a fake segment in which he “[interviews] people in the middle of interviews.”
  • Pissing on a convention banner and exclaiming, “Black Lives Bladder!”

Of course, the comedian’s finest contribution to the two and a half-minute segment is the Jones rally. During the initial approach toward the stage, the crowd beings pushing Andre around and shouting at him until Jones takes notice and calls him up. “They keep pushing me, but I just want to sign up for the open mic,” Andre complains to the Info Wars host. “I know,” Jones mocks, “the Democrats are never violent.”

Andre delivers the now-infamous cuckold joke and is quickly booted off stage. That’s when things get slightly hairy, as Jones’ supporters (and an official-looking ginger gentleman) repeatedly shout in Andre’s face and push him out of the rally. Hence the bit’s concluding line, “Coachella sucks this year!”

Finally, there’s also this:

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